Fit For Sport's Activewear Shop

Play all day with our activewear selection for children. From Fit For Sport branded t-shirts in a selection of three colours to water bottles, cool bags & baseball caps, we have all the necessities for your child's perfect active day out.

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Ext Sch Pic

T-shirt - 3-4 years

Yellow Tshirt

Essential Kit - 3-4 years

Essential yellow

Survival Kit - 3-4 years 

survival yellow

T-shirt - 5-7 years

T Shirt Red

Essential Kit - 5-7 years

essential red

5-7 years Survival Kit

survival red

T-shirt - 8-12 years

T Shirt Green

Essential Kit - 8-12 years

essential green

8-12 years Survival KIT

survival green
*Please note that products can be purchased individually and prices include postage and packaging. Please click here to purchase items individually.